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Mobile Employee Attendance Tracking System IOT communicator Web Based Reporting System

Product & services
Internet Of Things (IOT)
A new wave of internet evolution has emerged that not only computers are linked with the internet; objects like equipment, devices, machines and sensors will be able to networked together by the internet as well. This new technology is known as the Internet of Things (IOT). Our IOT systems allow things to communicate with the internet. The systems can be used as a backbone to realize different applications and their uses are limited only by imagination.
The process of integrating internet capability to objects, e.g. industrial facilities, office equipment, household appliances, etc., is called "web enabling" them. We deliver the necessary hardware, software and technology to web enable our customers' products, facilities and services.
Our machine-to-machine (M2M) technology makes possible objects talking to each other, another computer, or server over the internet. The benefits of our technology are: it allows more "informed" decision-making, reduces operational costs, streamlines monitoring processes, provides new sources of revenue by offering new service-based product, etc.

Mobile Employee Attendance Tracking System (MEATS)
Our Mobile Employee Attendance Tracking System (MEATS) allows field workers to report duties remotely, while the supervisors can monitor the attendance over the internet in real-time. Industries that will benefit from the system includes cleaning services, construction contractors, security companies and all businesses that have employees working in the field.

Custom design
Custom design requests are welcome, or we can modify our existing product for custom applications.

About us
Cyberplorer is a Canadian company located in Vancouver, B.C. It started as a small technical consulting firm in 2000 by a team of experienced engineers, who all dedicated to contributing the best of their knowledge and technology to the technical world. Our key benefit is, we have a wealth of technology, hence we pinpointed our product always to something that is unique to the market. We also know that customers need what they want more than just something available in the market, hence we emphasize on customization other than providing a ready-made product.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the customers with efficient solutions in leveraging their applications through taking on advanced electronic, computer and internet technologies.

Business Alliance
We are happy to work with companies in all fields that have interest to integrate our technologies to their product or services. The companies would not necessarily be technology-based, but might want to introduce to their product lines something that is new and unique in the market. We committed to contribute the best of our technological know-how to help our business partners in realizing this.

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Customers are welcome to buy our product online, or contact us for a quote or further information.

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